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Nature's Details Photography is owned and operated by Steve and Pattay Taylor in Eagle Colorado. Steve's work has appeared in some of the finest art shows in the west. The business was started in 2005. While Steve is busy working in the field with this camera Patty handles the business duties.


They do a lot of traveling together, not only scouting for new photographic locations but also doing the art shows. The art shows of the backbone of the business, something Steve and Patty both enjoy doing.

When I was growing up as a little boy I just loved being out in nature. You could find me down at the local creek most mornings and you still can today. I probably do 90% of my photography in the early mornings. It is at this time I feel more creative and the conditions are beautiful for photography at that time of day. Not only do you get great lighting early in the morning there's just a cleanness  and stillness in the air that I try to bring into my images.

wix tent.jpg

St. George Utah Fine Art Show 2018

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